2015 was an interesting year.

I cannot explain why I woke up on January 1, 2015 and determined that I would paint a painting each day for the year.  There are many unexplained mysteries in the universe – this is but one.  I could not tell you whether it was the daily inspiration of the beauty surrounding me each day, the satisfaction of completing another day in the journey, the simple obsession of painting, the encouragement of many who expressed their appreciation of the daily paintings or the fear of failure aided by the reach of social media that pushed me to complete the goal.  The journey was richly rewarding.  Each day I intentionally observed life and for a few moments each day expressed my impressions of those observations.  Along the way as we circled the sun, I communicated with old and new friends around the globe.  For those who made the journey with me, thank you.  I hope that you will continue to participate with me, art is a joint endeavor between the artist and the viewer.  In the case of Impressionism, the viewer’s eye and mind completes the painting.  Enjoy.    THRoberts – 2015.

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