American Artist Tom Roberts

American Artist Tom Roberts is creative gifted with a zest for life, seeing, experiencing and expressing unique impressions for all to experience in their own way.

Tom Roberts was born in Norfolk, Virginia into a family committed to community service.  His grandfather was a prominent state legislator.  He spent his early years in Afghanistan where is father spent most of his time volunteering as a surgeon in a small Afghan hospital after tending to the International community.  THRoberts was educated in a liberal arts school in New England, earning a degree in business & economics.  After his first summer in school he computer programmed at the Pentagon.   Looking for a challenge and to read the Scriptures in the native language he studied Hebrew under the tutelage of Marvin Wilson.  He received his only painting instruction down the road at Montserrat College Of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts,  After law school at the University of Richmond, THRoberts was a founder of a start-up IT company creating collision avoidance  systems for general aviation and started a law firm that earned a reputation for creative and zealous litigation.


For the artist, life is a lesson in seeing, observing all of life that was previously ignored and the search to understand the relationship between the parts and the whole, and then our interpretation and expression.  Many find it unusual that an artist might also litigate as an attorney.  Litigation is not so different.  A litigator searches for the parts that have been ignored or overlooked, seeks to understand the relationship between the parts and the whole, and finally expresses an interpretation.  As an artist, THRoberts brought to litigation creativity in a profession known for formulas and traveling well worn paths.